Eating Out In Denver Colorado

Posted on: August 20, 2018, by :

The ‘Mile High City’ as Denver is known has a lot to offer those who make it a pit stop during their exploration of the fascinating state of Colorado.

The city boasts attractions that will satisfy those in search of culture and educational experiences as well as plain old fun. This is a city that simply has something for everyone.

However, one of the highlights of any trip to Denver must be the opportunity to explore an incredibly vibrant restaurant scene. Denver is rapidly gaining a reputation as a place where fine dining is just as accessible as other nightlife options and if you look at the sheer choice available it is not difficult to see why.

If you are in Denver there are some great dining spots that will tantalize the taste buds.

1. Chimera.

If food that has its origins in the countries that can be found on the Pacific Rim then Chimera will be an absolute delight.

The Korean, Chinese and Japanese cuisine is taken to new heights at this tastefully decorated dining venue. be sure not to miss the Shanghai inspired ‘Xiao Long Bao’. These soup dumplings are made with crab meat and pork and are presented in a rich soupy broth – not to be missed.

2. Acreage.

This combination cider house and the restaurant serves up delicious Spanish / Basque-influenced meals which are complemented by a wonderful array of house-made ciders. Fantastic starters include the aged Prosciutto and the humble olive is also taken to new heights. The ‘Saltspring Mussels’ made with cider, coconut milk and miso should not be missed. this in search of steak should also not ignore the Smoked Pork Spare Ribs which feature an ‘apple cranberry glaze’.

3. Falling Rock Tap House.

If you are aching for a golden glass of refreshment head to the Falling Rock Tap House near the famous Coors Field. With 156 beers available you’ll be spoiled for choice. If the weather is fine then head out onto the patio and take in the sunshine. Mellow and laid back this is a place to just relax and let the warmth of Denver wash over you. And the kids will not be disappointed – there a great kids menu. For adults who want to get in the mood for late night music, the ‘Johnny Cash Burger’ with bacon, cheese, barbecue sauce and red onion is a great choice.

Dining out in Denver is an experience that should not be missed – take some time off and enjoy.